NTD Music is a Full-Service Music Publishing Company. NTD Music places music in Film & TV, as well as video games, commercials, jingles, promotional videos and film scoring. NTD Music also has a catalog of over 3,000 songs, ready to go for various musician's and singer's in many styles (see catalog). NTD Music has been making a mark as having a high quality of music to choose from. NTD Music has a staff fo songwriters and lyric writers who can stylize the right solution for your musical needs. NTD Music also has a staff of producers, musicians, as well as a full recording studio (NTDStudios) which can produce backing tracks for theatrical events too. If you need a song for a film, you came to the right place, with over a thousand songs to choose from, just let us know the topic, style, tempo and impact you want the music to make and we'll find the best fit for your project. All our songs are licensed and cleared thru "NTD Music" - ASCAP. No waiting for clearance, we can approve a song within 24 hours, sometimes even the same day. So if you need music of ANY kind for ANY project, contact NTD Music.